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I’ve received a few contacts from those seeking more info about Vip Kid. So far, a lot a ladies testing the waters and asking questions. If you have any more questions, please feel free to contact me! Go ahead at, or if you want to go ahead and apply let’s do it:


My referral number is: 0535L0  

The following paragraph is a brief overview of the process, keep in mind this only took me only 2 weeks to complete this process and I was taking my time as I also started at Anthropologie the same time.

Applicants pass through five stages before becoming VIPKID teachers

1. Submission of Resume:Send us your resume, so we can screen for basic requirements and teaching experience.

2. 1-1 Interview or Recorded Interview:Join us for a 30-min session where you showcase your teaching skills to a VIPKID recruiter OR
Record your demo lesson at your own time so that a VIPKID recruiter can evaluate you. 
*This stage I was put through an accelerated version. Instead I sent in three 3 minute videos, 1. Introducing myself and 2. Teaching a sample class. I sent this in via a youtube link, they gave me instructions on how to do that.

3. Introduction to Teaching:Watch videos to learn about the VIPKID technology, standards and curriculum.

4. Mock class:Practice teaching a full-length class with one of our VIPKID teachers.*This was in their platform, I taught Letter Z as a beginner level and “An American in China” at intermediate level. 15 minutes each with us chatting in between. The adult Vip Kid teacher is pretending to be a 5 year old so super no stress guys.

5. Sign Contract and Upload Docs:Send us your information so we can create a profile for our VIPKID students and their parents to get to know and to book you.

6. Full-Fledged VIPKID Teacher:Put your timeslots on your portal so that VIPKID students can start booking you. Get ready to teach!


I work in Beijing, China everyday!

Hey Everyone!

So I just started working for Vip Kid, an online English teaching program in Beijing, China that uses teachers from North America to teach Chinese kiddos ages 5-12. So if I can’t move to another country, I am bringing it to me!

I have been with Vip Kid for about 6 months now if you have a college degree, you can do it too!

My referral number is: 0535L0

 Vip Kid FAQ

Vip Kid Homepage to Sign Up

Classes are 25 minutes each, you essentially click through a powerpoint provided for you (complete with teacher instructions on every slide), about 25 slides in 25 minutes. Going rate per class is between $7-$9 a class as a base. Then $1 per class for participating. Then $1 more per class when you teach over 45 classes per month.

I make $8 base per class. Plus $1 per class participation. Plus $1 because I’m over 45 classes/ a month. This equals $10 per class. I teach 2 classes per hour = $20 per hour at least.

*You also get ANOTHER EXTRA $1 when a student books you within 24 hrs of that class time.

These kids are adorable 🙂 And the most awesome part is I open a spreadsheet type program to open time slots anytime I want, and they have an App which is probably the easiest part. You have to be proactive about checking to see when you have been booked.

From where I am in Chicago, Beijing is about 14 hours ahead, so peak times are mainly early morning and evening here, before and after school for the students, or on their weekend.

Super Peak times for me are 6:00-8:30 am, and in my evenings, I open slots anywhere from 7:00 pm – 10:30 pm and do it 3 weeks in advance.

Heres what the program looks like:

Screen Shot 2018-01-12 at 9.12.43 PM.png

Just imagine my face in that bottom right corner! Just taught this lesson this morning.

I went through a easy process where I applied and let my application sit there for about 3 weeks. I actually had someone personally contact me, asking me to complete my application because they believed I was totally qualified and would make a great teacher. Once I sent it the application, I was immediately accepted.

I then sent in a 30 second video introducing myself, and my education experiences, and progressed to the Mock Class trial. (Practice class in front of a VIP Kid staff).

I was given the lesson to to present, and I scheduled a time to present it in front of a Vip Kid seasoned veteran for 10 minutes and then 15 minutes. At a beginner and intermediate level. With a break in between to chat about how I felt I did. My biggest suggestion was simply time management, I was going to slow haha!

What’s hilarious is that person literally pretended to be a 5 year old for the beginner class 🙂 She was so sweet, gave me feedback and approved me to start intermediate level!

If you guys are interested I would love to walk you through the process, it’s been big blessing for Mark and I during this time, I feel like I’m getting the cross-cultural experience I crave. I’ve always wanted to teach English, and this job will move around with me wherever I go.

Get in touch with me if you are interested at all, let’s do this!



Ministry Highlight: Ebenezer Grace Children’s Home


Most of you know Mark and I purchased our flights to return to Ethiopia for 3 months this winter after being unable to acquire a visa for England for Mark.

After much prayer, Mark believed the Lord spoke to him in his devotions regarding our trip to Ethiopia and we shouldn’t go.

We are here in Chicagoland still loving our friends and family in Ethiopia and wishing we were there, but more than anything want to be in God’s plan for us. So instead of posting from Ethiopia as I planned, I would just love to give them the spotlight in this post, and ask for ya’ll to just pray for these sweet kids, the missionary families there, and whether or not you would want to sponsor one of them!

You can find all you need at

I would appreciate your prayers as it has been a difficult season in my race of faith. Love you!


Photo by Megan Havelaar
Photo by Megan Havelaar
Photo by Megan Havelaar
Photo by Megan Havelaar
Photo by Megan Havelaar
Photo by Megan Havelaar


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